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Book our popular ghost walk together with a subsequent visit to the historic basement restaurant Sten Sture, where King Gustav IIIs murderer Jacob Johan Anckarström was imprisoned!

In connection with our ghost walks, you can choose the Ghost Dinner at Sten Sture ticket option. Then you will experience our unforgettable ghost walk with performances and then have dinner in the old cellar where the theater king Gustav IIIs murderer Jacob Johan Anckarström is said to have been imprisoned before the execution. You will also meet Anckarström during the hike, so by the time you visit the restaurant you will be familiar with him...

In the dinner offer, you can choose between the restaurants main dishes;

1. Grilled sirloin steak with potato wedges and pepper sauce


2.Pasta with hand-peeled prawns (cream, tomatoes, white wine, garlic & parmesan)


3. Vegetarian pasta (spinach, fresh mushrooms, cream, garlic, parmesan)

4. Schnitzel with wedged potatoes & red wine sauce or Hot smoked salmon with boiled potatoes & skagen mash.


A glass of wine/beer is also included in the dinner ticket.

You will find this option as a ticket under each event on the UPCOMING TOURS tab.



A big THANK YOU for the ghost walk last Friday (25/3). What an experience!! It was exciting, surprising, educational, fun and believable. Successful concept with captivating stories, presented by knowledgeable, eloquent and engaging guides who offered a fantastic spectacle in the alleys of the Old Town. We had a really nice evening. Super satisfied! We highly recommend this hike, all year round.Greetings Carola & Sisters

- Carola with colleagues, 25 March 2022

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