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The autumn of 2012 was the date when the old town based company Historiska Vingslag first saw the light of day.
Behind it is two enthusiastic brothers, with a great interest in Swedens history. We have the ambition to create a tour that truly captivates people with its stories and sites. Both of us have a background as actors and guides from before and Anders also has a bachelor degree in history.
The old town of Stockholm is a place full of stories of death, tradegy and strife but also love, joy and development.

If you'd like to know more about Stockholms history we suggest you join us for one of our tours!

Apart from the touring both of us also work as Mounted royal guards in the cavallry of Stockholm. We have therefore exstensive knowledge about the Old town and Royal palace of Stockholm.

Spökvandring Gamla stan
Spökvandring Gamla stan
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