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Do ghosts really exist? Many believe that it is their own imagination playing tricks on them. However, our ghost walk in the Old Town can speak of a completely different reality where Stockholm's hauntings from the past return!

Experience historic wing beats during a ghost walk in Stockholm

Go on an exciting journey of discovery where times have passed, the people are also in the signs of the times with a ghost walk in Stockholm. A city filled with historical moments and where you can experience the wings of history as you walk through it. The city is filled with those who could not move on and who stayed to tell about their experiences during a time that looked completely different to the one we live in. A walk where you meet historical figures and also those who have been forgotten by history. People who during their lives influenced the country but also those who lived their lives in the shadows.


When the clock strikes and time passes, the guide looks at the clock and raises his voice, the old town lives again! Then history plays out in front of us as if it were today with an interactive spectacle, you can during your ghost walk in Stockholm experience how people lived and get a greater insight into how they thought. Stockholm is filled with historical moments that shaped the country and city but also influenced those who lived in the city. Lives changed and influenced by those moments in the city's history. Pestilence, war, murder and many other things have happened that have left the inhabitants in shock and made them unable to leave earthly life.

Spökvandring av Historiska Vingslag

Jacob Johan Anckarström is dressed for the opera...

Encounter a completely different time during your ghost walk in Stockholm

Times change and Stockholm has changed in many ways over the centuries. However, the people who lived in the city are still with us. They have stayed to tell about their fates and how they lived. Meet these people during your ghost walk in Stockholm and get an insight into what it was like to live here. Experience the historic wings in a meeting with historical figures such as the executioner Jürgen Homuth, the king killer Jacob Johan Anckarström and many more who changed the country and the city.


It's an experience you won't forget, whether you're a group of friends, a family or a crazy and colorful corporate group, you'll be very happy with your experience with us! Our ghost walk is suitable for everyone. Stockholm's history captivates both men and women, young and old.

We are two brothers who together run Stockholm's only ghost tour with performances. If you join us, you will meet all the characters who marked the history of the Old Town. We gather at Köpmantorget - where the valiant Sten Sture in the form of St Göran takes the ultimate blow against the dragon.

We often guide private groups on unforgettable walks, so if you are interested in getting your very own ghost walk, don't hesitate to contact us!

En pestsmittad patient i Gamla stan

A plague-infected man in the Old Town

We offer two booking options, either directly via our own booking service or ticketmaster. Welcome!


A big THANK YOU for the ghost walk last Friday (25/3). What an experience!! It was exciting, surprising, educational, fun and believable. Successful concept with captivating stories, presented by knowledgeable, eloquent and engaging guides who offered a fantastic spectacle in the alleys of the Old Town. We had a really nice evening. Super satisfied! We highly recommend this hike, all year round.Greetings Carola & Sisters

- Carola with colleagues, 25 March 2022

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