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Join us on a ghastly ghost tour in the Old Town! Hear exciting stories about people who lived in the past and meet ghosts from a time long gone!

Experience the thrill of a ghost tour in the old town of Stockholm!

Get out on an adventure and experience something both exciting and unique with a ghost tour in Old town Stockholm. It’s a place rich with history where many lives have met their fates. You now have an opportunity to meet some of these people who in spite of their long past life time continues to remind us of their presence. People who have changed the past of Sweden and who doesn’t truly want to leave the earthly life. Here you will meet them face to face! Whispers behind your back, sounds of cold and heavy breaths making the hair of your neck stand up and someone moving strangely around the corner. They all wait for you on a ghost tour in Stockholm. Bring your friends and family with you and meet those who refuse to leave the world of the living and listen to how they tell the ghastly events of their lives.


This is an interactive theater performance that takes part as a guided ghost tour and can’t be found anywhere else than in the oldest quarters of Stockholm with Historiska Vingslag. We use actors that interacts with both the guests and the guide in a unique way to make everyone feel like they have been taken back to the dramatic events of Swedish past.
People living in the Old town of Stockholm have told the stories of seeing these ghosts through the centuries. Ghosts of people such as the infamous king slayer Jacob Johan Anckarström who entered the royal opera 1792 and shot the Swedish king in the back during an act, the furious Danish executioner and hangman Jürgen Homuth who beheaded 82 Swedish noblemen during the days following the Siege of Stockholm 1520 and hanged their servants at the castle, or the plague victims when the black death first struck Stockholm the year 1350.

Det är ett interaktivt skådespel som du inte har chansen att uppleva på någon annan plats än i de äldsta delarna av Stockholm. Där vi arbetar hårt för att erbjuda skickligt interaktivt skådespel som får Gamla stans historia att levandegöras framför er.  En stad med en rik historia där många händelser har påverkat hur vår egen tid ser ut. Upplev möten med personer du känner till som kungamördaren Anckarström som just har utfört illdådet på den Kungliga Operan. Men också de okända individerna som varit en del av historiens vingslag, Bödeln som träder in på Stortorget med yxan över axeln och krakar som just har smittats med den fruktansvärda svarta döden.  

We will take you back to another time on our ghost tour in Stockholm

The history of Stockholm consists of stories that have shaped the country as a whole and Stockholm in particular. Individuals who have done terrible things and illnesses that have spread like wild fire and struck dread in the citizens of Stockholm. A town filled with ghosts that is still with us to this very day. We recommend joining us as an unforgettable experience for the whole family or for you and all your friends or company colleagues! You will all be captivated to hear and experience the ghastly stories told by the ones who lived in Stockholm hundreds of years ago. This ghost tour uses actors in a way not found elsewhere so you can see and hear the dreadful events of Stockholm’s past first hand.

You are very welcome to get in touch with us if you would like to book us for a private ghost tour with your friends, family or company. That way you will get your very own guide and actors that will take you through the dramatic and scary history of Stockholm.


Executioner Jürgen Homuth

See our available events and book on our booking service below.


A big THANK YOU for the ghost walk last Friday (25/3). What an experience!! It was exciting, surprising, educational, fun and believable. Successful concept with captivating stories, presented by knowledgeable, eloquent and engaging guides who offered a fantastic spectacle in the alleys of the Old Town. We had a really nice evening. Super satisfied! We highly recommend this walk, all year round.Greetings Carola & Sisters

- Carola with colleagues, 25 March 2022

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