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Meet those who don't want to rest in peace. Those who want to make themselves seen and heard by every living soul who dares to walk along alleys and squares.
With us, you meet the ghosts face to face! The executioner Jürgen Homuth, the king slayer Anckarström and many more! Hear their dragging steps, their heavy breathing in the cold and the terrible coughing of the black death that plauges the alleys...

Let the elegant Count take you on an eerie ghost walk through the ghostly alleys and squares of the Old Town! Join us on an exciting tour and meet people from a time long gone, such as the executioner Jürgen Homuth, those affected by the plague and the king killer Jacob Johan Anckarström.


Our ghost tour offers skillful acting and stories about Stockholm's misadventures where you can listen to exciting and eerie ghost stories among Old Town's churches, squares and alleys. Characters from Stockholm's history is shaped and given life again.

The ghost walks are a great experience for families with children who like the spooky, for the history buff or for the corporate group! It is common to go on an experience tour with us before a dinner or Christmas table at a restaurant.

The hike is usually 1 hour and 10 minutes long.

You are also warmly welcome to get in touch for a private guided hike at any time and date! Feel free to contact us and we can arrange an unforgettable experience for your family, friends or company.


Executioner Jürgen Homuth awaits the condemned on Stortorget...

Our ghost walk is a historical walk. All ghosts, apparitions and stories have historical roots and have been told by the people of the town for centuries. The executioner, the white lady, and the plague doctor have all existed in life, and we only tell their stories. It's up to you whether you believe them or not...

We also want to emphasize that even though most children think our ghost walk is fantastic and several children even want to talk and joke with the ghosts, there are also children who do not appreciate ghosts. We do our best to make the trip as fun and exciting an experience as possible for everyone, but it is difficult for us to know in advance how easily frightened some children are. You are of course welcome to contact us if questions arise.

You can book directly via our own booking service here on the website or on Billeto. At Billeto, a small service fee is added per ticket.


A big THANK YOU for the ghost walk last Friday (25/3). What an experience!! It was exciting, surprising, educational, fun and believable. Successful concept with captivating stories, presented by knowledgeable, eloquent and engaging guides who offered a fantastic spectacle in the alleys of the Old Town. We had a really nice evening. Super satisfied! We highly recommend this walk, all year round. Greetings Carola & Sisters

- Carola with colleagues, 25 March 2022

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